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Hospital Room Door

Automatic glass entrance door for hospital
SAMEKOM offfer superior design to hospitals glass entrance door, minimizing a its heating or air conditioning losses, while maximizing energy savings.
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Automatic glass entrance door for hospital

Samekom offer both aluminum frame or framless glass entrance door for hospital use.

1. Aluminum frame : T6063 anodized or RAL powder coating frame system 

2. Tempred glass : 8-12mm tempred glass or laminated glass are all available 

3.Intelligence:The Microcomputer Controller and Power Control integrated to one module. It is easy to install and use. Different weight of the door can be adapting automatically

4. Samekom autom system is stronger and steadierwith the hlep ofCover and Base

5. Safty Feature

a)Safety bea sensor safety to prevent from clamping person.
b)Auto-reversing when confronting with obstacle.
c)UPS when power fails to provide escaping passage.
d) The microcontroller also provide the interface for alarming system ,safety system ,etc.

Reliability: The sliding operator can workwith low noise for a long time by using high-efficiency DC brushless motor  With the help of advanced synchronous belt and perfect design of power supply circuit , the door moves very stably.High reliability which is proved by trouble-free million times trial running.

Energy Saving With the help of semi-open function, so this can help to keep the temperature and humidity inside the room and to minimize the costs of the air conditioner as well.


commercial automatic sliding glass doors

Power supply:                  220V 50/60HZ

Motor:                      24V brushless motor, 100W

Opening speed:                 Maximum 600mm/s (Adjustable)

Closing speed:                   Maximum550mm/s (Adjustable)

Opening pause time:          0~30s (Adjustable)

Max leaf weight:                2*150kgs~4*100kgs

Battery charger:                able to open and close 200 times during a power cut (optional)

Operating temperature:      -20 Celsius degree ~70 Celsius degree

automatic glass entrance door

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