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Hermetic sliding door

Hermetic operating room door

Samekom supply both hinged operating theatre door and auto sliding doors for operating room use.

FOB Reference Price: US $165 / Piece

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SAMEKOM HPL hermetic door's smooth and seamless construction givie an easy-cleaning and bacteria free environment required by the operating room,then can be available in both manuel or auto control modles.

Auto Operating theatre door specification: 

Door Frame: T6063 aluminum ,anodized or PVDF coating

Door Panel: Versatile ledge-free HPL easy to clean requiring minimal maintenance.
.Aluminum honeycomb infilling

Door configuration: single panel sliding OR door ,Bi-parting sliding OR door

Power supply:                  220V50/60HZ

Motor:                              24V brushless motor, 100W

Opening speed:                 Max 600mm/s (Adjustable)

Closing speed:                  Max 550mm/s (Adjustable)

Opening pause time:         0~30s (Adjustable)

Max leaf weight:               200kgs/leaf (single opening), 150kgs/leaf (double opening)

Operating Room Door Opening Size (Max):                 2000*2500(Width*Height)

Manual thrust:                  Less than 100N

Battery charger:               able to open and close 200 times during a power cut (optional)

Operating temperature:     -20 Celsius degree ~70 Celsius degree

OR door Hardware:304ss door handle or customer specify

Hermetically sealing doors are available with manual operation or automation.X-ray protection is optional.

operating room door

High grade and latest hermetic doors are well-equipped a circumferential hermetic sealing system that are taken into use for operating theatres, laboratories, in large halls and pharmaceutical industry. There are various other spaces, where hermetic door are used in different ways. In simple words, they are ideal door systems taken into use for prevention of the exchange of the external and internal air. You can also choose high grade and latest hermetic doors – available in hinged and sliding options that are specifically designed for areas like lab, hospital, medical center and different other places where requirement of strict control in airflow is important.

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