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X-ray Door

X-ray Proof Lead lining Functional Door

Door Frame: Anodized aluminum surface, outstanding crushing resistance

Door pane:Bump-, scratch- and abrasion-proof High Pressure Laminate

Filling: Astronautic level aluminum honey comb with 2mm lead sheet

  • Product Details

SAMEKOM Hospital and Mental Health door sets are manufactured to ensure that they can survive the extremely robust environment that hospitals are. With trolleys and beds constantly being pushed through doors, SAMEKOM uses durable materials to provide a high level of multiple resistance. SAMEKOM Hospital range of doors can be Fire-rated, X-ray proof,Automatic function etc.

SAMEKOM also offers a specialist range of hospital X-Ray PROOFdoor that offer protection from radioactive materials. These specialist door types combined with LEAD SHEET, fire rated and hygienictype of material,enables SAMEKOM to provide a complete hospital door solution.

high pressure laminate

hospital door data sheet

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