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Telescopic ICU slide and swing door

SAMEKOM's 3panel Telescopic ICU/CCU slide and swing door ,maximize the clear door opening ,giving a wider and smoother acess for patient transfer.

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SAMEKOM have been a healthcare door solutation provider for hospitals throughout the world for the past 10 years . For ICU/CCU section ,we provide both 2 panel ICU sliding swing door ,and 3 panel telescopic door package ,which will maximize the clear the clear door opening meeting the need for patient transportation.

1 T6063 anodized aluminum frame ,with 10mm /12mm/ double glass for option ,which can also lower the noise and heat transmission between rooms 

2 Smart glass are optional for all the door ,providing more privacy for our patients

3 hidden track and recess handle are standard package for our telescopic ICU door 

4 equal 2 panel door icu door,3 panel telescopic icu door ,bi-folding icu door ,are all available ,customized size are welcome.

telescopic icu door

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