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Wooden Patient Room Glass Hermetic Door

SAMEKOM is a leading manufacturer of all kinds of doors with Easy and clean installation, 5 time faster than the tradition wood door installation does and seldom dust on spot. Our Wooden Patient Room Glass Hermetic Doors are the best for its super quality and function.


  • Product Details
The Automatic Sliding Door series meets the design and security requirement of GMP.It's a automatic door which customized for medical operating rooms,patient areas,kindergartens.We select the BLDC motor in small size with large power,lower noise with long-lasting working life.Due to the first class seal rubber strip around the edge band of door leaf which it will stick closely to the framing lead to the good resistance to air loss.

1)Standard Specifications:  2100mmx900mmx250mm (or customize)
2)Board Material: HPL or colored steel,Bump-, scratch-,fire-and abrasion-proof 
3)Door Core: Aluminum Honey Comb inside/2-10mm lead panel /lead glas
4)Thickness Of Lead lined Door Leaf:45mm
5)Framing:Anodized aluminum surface,outstanding crushing resistance
6)Lead lined door auto System: Stainless steel /PANOSONIC Auto System
7) Hardware:  x ray door handle,304 SS
8) Opening Direction: Automatic Sliding

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